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the2fs by Kimmie

"In a land far, far away (thank goodness) — I used to be an EA to the Co-Founder of an accounting company, who happen to love two things: making me feel like shit and the Washington Capitals. He went to most of their home games at the Verizon Center and frequently asked me to make reservations at Rosa Mexicano for him and his comrades beforehand. I was intrigued by this since there are so many other restaurants at his disposal…Good guac? Margaritas? Tacos? Service? Ambiance? What was it? The answer? Not a damn thing, I thought the food was average and underwhelming for the price while the service lacked attention."

Rosa Mexicano | Location: 575 7th St NW, DC | Top: Lamb Tacos, Rating: 3/5, Price: $16.00 | Bottom: Huevos Rosa*, Rating: 3.5/5, Price: $11.50 | For The Record: *sunny-side up eggs, crisp tortilla, refried chorizo beans, roasted tomato-chipotle sauce, salsa verde, ham, peas, cheese

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