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the2fs by Kimmie

"I’m not saying that I would have gone back for sure but I would have liked the option! It’s walkable from the Dupont metro, it’s cozy and their service — particularly our waiter — was refreshing, funny as hell and completely entertaining. And of course, their Blacken Shrimp Sandwich also made their restaurant very memorable. The shrimp was fresh while covered in a very delicious, tangy and salty sauce. On a slightly less positive note, the rest of their food probably did them in. For example, they were missing a few key appetizers and entrees that were listed on their menu and the beignet (a staple of Cajun cuisine for me) was dry. What a shame!!!

The Cajun Experience [CLOSED] | Location: 1825 18th St NW, DC | First: Fried Green Tomatoes, Price: $7.00, Rating: 3/5 | Second: Blacken Shrimp, Price: $15.00/sandwich, Rating: 4/5 | Third: Beignets, Price: $8.00, Rating: 3/5

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